Have been out of town

I just wanted to let you know that I have been out of town most of this past week. I actually had dermatology appointment for Thursday but…………. it did not go as planned, typical of my life. Nothing goes as planned. I had determined I would not make plans to avoid having plans not turn out. But given the situation, and knowing that I would have to make planned Dr. appointments. I had to throw the not make plans idea out with the trash. I will not go into details but, my appt was set for early Thursday morning. I did make room reservations to stay overnight on Wed. Given the situation with the not normal frigid temperatures I did not want to be driving pre-dawn with the temperatures hitting the 20- below 0 mark. Well of course when I left to drive the few miles to the appointment, wouldn’t you know my car would not start. Not unusual given the circumstances, many people discovered that their generally dependable vehicles would not start. So I called the Dr and told them I would be late, I did not know how late, but would call them when I got my car started. It would not start at all on Thursday. I had no option but to stay at the hotel another day. $$$$ the piddly amount of benefits I get for disability is a little over $700 p/mo I pretty much have my financial situation set in stone, I have no extra money for hotels and such extravagant luxuries. Two nights in a hotel simply is not affordable on disability. Finally about noon today a couple fellows helped jump start my battery. I made it back home but in part the reason my car would not start was because one of the battery terminals was cracked at an angle completely through it. It would not tighten. I did not notice until I got home this afternoon. I had noticed it would become loose and I would just twist it a little with my hand and it would make contact enough to start. So this evening I replaced the battery terminal, more unexpected $$$$. But I am alive. I do exist.



Exposing public corrupt personnel at all levels.

Well this may be against my best interest but at this point what do I have to lose. I am publishing the email of the FBI SA who refused to review my hard copy evidence. Did not look into the financial record of the accused to see if perhaps a bribe has been paid. He accepted hearsay to be evidence. My case did not even get issued a case number. He did not recognize that private property rights are Federally protected rights. He continued to claim that no Federal law has been broken when anyone who has taken the time to review the evidence agrees with me that Federal laws have been violated on more than one occasion. tjreinwart@fbi.gov. He goes by the first name of Thomas.

The AUSA immediately advised me that he would not prosecute giving me three different reasons at three different times. The first three reasons I submitted evidence that he was incorrect as to what the evidence proved he was basing his decision on. Knowing he has been given false information or information based on hearsay by the above named FBI agent. The most recent decision not to prosecute was because he has the authority. I sent him guidelines suggested by the Attorney General but to no avail. The letter states that I am not supposed to contact this AUSA again. They will not put any more resources into my insignificant case. I explained that a civil court order early on in my favor was violated by the local government officials and he callously does not care. Kevin.VanderSchel@doj.gov. he of course goes by the name of Kevin.

There is no record of any citizen being forced to flee from their private property due to unlawful application of toxic chemicals being applied, ongoing for over 5 years. NONE. It seems to me that anyone who would continue an act that he knows is causing anyone else physical harm has some mental health issues. I know I would not do anything to anyone else’s property because it is illegal and immoral. It seems the Federal authorities feel that they can join in this figurative gang rape. I feel they need to be held accountable as well as the locals. There is nothing I have posted that is based on hearsay or based on fabricated information. There is much evidence that I have not posted. If these individuals are satisfied that they have upheld their duty and the oath they took to uphold the Constitution of the United States then they should be proud of their job performance in my unnumbered case. They never showed any real intent to defend my rights given by Federal law. They should be proud of their actions in this case that has multiple violations of Federal law. Anyone who reads my information and feels my Federally protected rights have been violated I urge you to email these individuals and let them know that private property rights are Federally protected rights and any other opinions you may have that Federal law has in fact been violated. Terrorism is not a violation of Federal law I have been told. Only supporters of terrorism are violating Federal law, so clearly the local officials who would not stop this neighbor from applying the chemicals to my property are supporters of terrorism. Yes herbicides and pesticides are considered chemical weapons. I have done all the research to know that violations of Federal law have occured.

If something happens to me it is well documented as to who may be involved. Just saying. Glyphosate is harmful to human beings when not applied as directed on the label. This is what is wrong with our Government today. Covering up and supporting corruption is not what the FBI has the duty to do. I want to know why I am exempt from the same rights that every other citizen takes for granted, as I did when I fled from my home, business and property. There is no justifiable reason any US citizen should have to suffer what I have suffered.