Incompetent investigations, AUSA opinions based on false information. Who do these public imposters think they are?

response from Thomas Reinwart

This is the same FBI Special Agent who came to my home for the purpose of reviewing my hard copy evidence. When he arrived he advised me that he did not intend to review any of my evidence. He advised that I could just tell him the story and he would take notes. I advised him that it is not possible to tell this story to him or anybody else. The offenses committed against me were often more than one at at time. The number of participants are unprecedented. This SA advised me that he was not going to submit my complaint to the AUSA. It was not until I submitted evidence that there was a conflict of interest between the now Sheriff and the Conlee’s and the former County Attorney that he seemed to be slightly interested at all. Doesn’t every reasonable USA citizen know that private property rights are Federally protected? This FBI agent does not know that. This agent does not know any of the facts of my case. He advised that he based his decision of what I submitted and what Sheriff Stacy Weber had told an FBI agent friend about what happened in this case. Anyone in the local Lee County area knows how thick the thin blue line is in Lee County. There is a news article when he was elected that he states that Bob Conlee is the reason he got into law enforcement and chose Bob’s son to be his right hand man. This agent was at my home for 2 1/2 hours I believe he may have written 3 notes on his pad. He was more concerned about what time it was to assure he could get back to headquarters before 5 p.m. than listening to my story. This was not an investigation. I told him I would send him quiz questions about what I told him that day. He did not respond. I questioned whether he would meet with Weber after he left my home, and though he denied it. I don’t know. I don’t trust any of these imposters for what they say. They must provide me with written documentation. I have requested documentation supporting private property rights are not Federally protected, no response. Any reason that the statute of limitations would expire would not be due to my negligence. I have been consistently trying to see that justice is served since the beginning of this in 2005 when Mark Conlee illegally redeveloped his non conforming property with illegal non compliant building permits issued by the City of Montrose building official. When the Lee County Sheriff Detective misrepresented his authority by acting as a building official I could not believe the extreme these public officials would go to hold Mark Conlee above the law. It is unprecedented. The conflict of interest is one of the guidelines looked at by the FBI in a public corruption case. I have all the guidelines for a public corruption case according to the FBI website. These local officials used chemical warfare to eliminate me from my property. That is considered a crime against humanity. There is not one thing that is legal in this case except the fact that I followed all the standard procedures in place to remedy the situations as they occurred.

severe skin disorder caused by illegal application of toxic chemicals to my property by Mark Conlee

This is the result of chemical warfare in the USA committed by local government officials.