Good old boy network. Unprecedented case of criminal offenses committed by government officials.

The fact that this actually happened to a US citizen inside the boundaries of this Nation should be of serious concern to all citizens.

To feel that I have to continue to plead for justice in a case that had life threatening effects on the victim. My allegations are supported by the hard copy evidence included in this complaint. This is a case of sexual discrimination. This is a case of public corruption. This is a case of chemical warfare. This is a case of private property being taken without just compensation. This is the US people, It is illegal to use chemical weapons with intent to do serious injury or death. The terrorist was so confident that he would be protected from prosecution, he continued to unlawfully apply chemicals to my property from 2005 thru 2010.

Having witnessed nobody willing to enforce the law against this neighbors domestic terrorist attack left me with only two options and keep me within the boundaries of the law. I could remain on my property and expect as slow painful death. There is little doubt that I was dying from the exposure. Or I could flee and perhaps survive. The latter was the only option for me. During this 5 year period in which I was being poisoned, I was unable to function. My skin had rapidly developed serious condition. I was unable to bear to wear clothes, being naked was extremely painful 24 hours a day, I had lost my eyesight from 2007 to the degree that I could not read, I could not recognize people standing right in front of me, only by their voice. The condition only became worse by 2010.

I guess I could have taken up arms to stop this maniac from his chemical attack against me. The only way to stop him would have taken deadly force. He is not going to stop no matter what, If I just injured him he would have continued as soon as he was able. I would never have my right to enjoy my own property as I did prior to his purchase of the adjoining lot from the Mayor. Obviously the locals knew this to be true to his character or they would have enforced the law. It is public record that in one instance the Mayor did advise him on the law regarding installing a fence prior to Conlee installing the fence. It is noted in public record that sometime after the fence install was not according to the city ordinance the Mayor tells Conlee that he knew the law but did not install the fence compliant with the law. He did it just the way he wanted. He was held above the law in every illegal action regarding this illegal property redevelopment. All authorities conspired against my rights by not enforcing Conlee to comply with any law. He was the puppet master. He went into a full blown rage one day when he spilled paint inside his garage, I heard him hollering like a mad man at himself I believe. I fled, I was homeless for the next 4 years. I was accepted for disability at some point allowing me to get the cataracts removed from my eyes and restore my vision. The Dr who examined my eyes told me that he had never seen such a severe case of cataract from a person of my age. The steroids prescribed to offer relief from the skin condition caused the cataracts/ Iths was truly a no win situation for me. It was not possible for me to become successful at anything by this time. To old to start over, and why should anyone have to? Laws are made for everyone to follow, Mark Conlee is no exception to the rule, however  they treated him as if he were exempt. The city is the liable party in this case.


About the Author

About Mark Conlee

About Mayor Ron Dinwiddie

About Building Administrator/ Council member/Fire Chief Mark Holland

About Lee County Detective Bob Conlee

The Effects of glyphosate by absorption through skin for an extended period of time

About Police Chief Brent Shipman

About City Clerk Celest Cirinna

About Attorney representing Boatner, Steven Swan ESQ

Comlee vs Boatner

About Lee County Attorney Mike Short

About Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber

About SA FBI Thomas Reinwart

About Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern DIstrict of Iowa Kevin VanderSchel



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