I opened the letter from the Dept of Justice

The letter stated that the statute of limitations has expired. WHAT? I contact Senator Grassley in 2007. I have been complaining the last several years that the timeliness is unacceptable. Seems the US Attorney is just recently getting my complaint. I am sorry but I am not responsible for any statute of limitations expiring in … Continue reading I opened the letter from the Dept of Justice

US Dept of Justice, US Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa

I wrote this dude a letter today, asking him what about my case does not comply with conspiracy against rights and deprivation of rights under color of law. I do not think my story is getting presented as it should be. I want evidence that the US Attorney has been given my case. Not hearsay … Continue reading US Dept of Justice, US Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa

My neighbor used chemicals as a weapon with intent to cause serious harm or death. Most extreme case of criminal actions carried out by the “good old boy network”.

Most extreme case of criminal activity carried out by a "good old boy network". With no person being criminally charged for their criminal participation.

How long? Is it going to take for one person to address my concerns?

I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore. Montrose, Lee County, Iowa have committed terrorist acts with chemical weapons and nobody has the guts to say anything about it. Speak up your silence is deafening

FBI holds public corruption as a high priority

There is no such thing as a "right" to someone else's property

INTRODUCTION to Public Corruption.

Hard copy evidence that should put this enterprise behind bars. Brutal attack against resident for the purpose of acquiring her property on behalf of one of the good old boys

According to the official website the FBI investigates cases alleging Public Corruption include

Federal guidelines for public corruption case

H.R.510 – Defense of Property Rights Act 114th Congress (2015-2016)

Defense of property rights act seems to fill the bill in my case I need to know how to go forward pro se. Please someone step up to the plate for me on this.

Reply to Authority who was kind enough to give me his ear, but has no authority to act. Thanks for listening.

The FBI has spent more time in X Iowa that any other county in the State I would bet my home, business and property on it. Oh wait my home, business and property have already been taken without just compensation, but it was not under eminent domain.