Governmental Conspiracies to Violate Civil Rights: A Theory Reconsidered

Source: Governmental Conspiracies to Violate Civil Rights: A Theory Reconsidered

Failure to Intervene

Failure to Intervene, An officer who purposefully allows a fellow officer to violate a victim’s Constitutional rights may be prosecuted for failure to intervene to stop the Constitutional violation. To prosecute such an officer, the government must show that the defendant officer was aware of the Constitutional violation, had an opportunity to intervene, and chose … Continue reading Failure to Intervene

How long? Is it going to take for one person to address my concerns?

I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore. Montrose, Lee County, Iowa have committed terrorist acts with chemical weapons and nobody has the guts to say anything about it. Speak up your silence is deafening

How is it that nearly all assistance in cases of public corruption, or crimes against humanity are only for those acts outside the United States?

out of sight out of mind

FBI holds public corruption as a high priority

There is no such thing as a "right" to someone else's property

Uncle Sam + the Human RIghts Hipocrite

{Also see: US Admits It “Lost” 1,500 Immigrant Children, Handed Many of Them Directly To Human Traffickers and Pentagon Seeks $300 Million in Weapons for 65,000 US-Backed Forces (Terrorist Mercenaries) in Syria} As far as the State Department, Washington and the nation’s reigning corporate, financial, and imperial power elite is concerned, the violations of the […] … Continue reading Uncle Sam + the Human RIghts Hipocrite

Laying on the ground at the farm store

I cannot forget how wonderful my life used to be. Before my character was defamed. Before I was shunned by the lifelong members of my community. Today when my fuel line broke and I was crawled half in and half under the rust bucket. How great it was when I had achieved my happiness by … Continue reading Laying on the ground at the farm store