I have substantial relevant evidence that supports further investigation into my allegations. Is this the standard procedure followed by the FBI in other cases?

He advised me that he would just take notes from what I could orally tell him that took place.

Reply to Authority who was kind enough to give me his ear, but has no authority to act. Thanks for listening.

The FBI has spent more time in X Iowa that any other county in the State I would bet my home, business and property on it. Oh wait my home, business and property have already been taken without just compensation, but it was not under eminent domain.

I have to blame the local media.

I saddens me to know that some of the local media know full well that due to their unwillingness to print articles that local government officials have clearly acted in the recent past in violation of ethical rules, some evidence supports have participated in serious criminal offenses the citizens are basically being bamboozled. Silence by … Continue reading I have to blame the local media.

A brief summary and a few slideshows to present a fraction of the unjust, unaccountable and illegal offenses committed against me by my local government authorities

Summary of the criminal and immoral acts committed by my corrupt local government officials

Summary of medical and health conditions presented during the time I resided by my new neighbor.

I certainly  never expected one man who was held above the law in the redevelopment of his newly purchased lot adjoining mine to become a threat to my health.

9-1-2005 Johnson to Swan letter, full of false statements

Boatner has the right to do anything she wants with her property. Except violate ordinances and State building law as Conlee has done.

9-5-2017 To whom it may concern,

An unprecedented case of public corruption committed by my local government officials