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According to my Dr. I am a pioneer in the physical effects toxic chemicals have in direct contact with skin according to my hero at University hospital in Ia City. I believe if it were not for this Dr. at the University of Iowa Hospitals and clinics the ongoing exposure to the chemicals unlawfully applied to my property would have taken my life. I was suffering to such a severe degree that I did not want to suffer another day. I consider it worse than cancer. I was completely unable to function. It was unbearable to wear clothes. With cancer the patient generally is given a timeline to expect to live. In this unprecedented case, no local Dr. had a clue as to how to treat my condition. There is no other case I can find in which a neighbor was allowed by local law enforcement to continue applying chemicals to the property owned by a neighbor at all. Moral law would keep a reasonable individual from doing anything to property that did not belong to them. In this case this neighbor was allowed and assisted by local law enforcement to trespass on my property. This is a violation of Federal trespassing law. Significant because my city police chief advised me that he did not want to make the trespasser mad and the county attorney advised me that he would decide who gets prosecuted in his county. Of course since trespassing is a criminal offense I could not file a complaint as a civil issue. This is the way local government officials violated my State and Federal rights for the following five years. When it was obvious that no law enforcement was going to make this neighbor comply with any law regarding his new illegal property redevelopment. When his illegal redevelopment was rejected from being recorded on the County plat map, he with full support of the local government officials determined the remedy to his situation was to acquire my property which would then give him enough property to support the oversized non compliant structures he had built with fraudulent building permits issued by the city building administrator. The damages I have suffered are tremendous. I continue to have skin eruption due to the extended exposure of chemicals unlawfully applied to my property. A civil court order citing my right to use my property as I wished was never a factor to detour this neighbors goal. He was determined to acquire my property no matter the cost. He offered me two out of court settlement that were ridiculous, this in itself is an admission of his guilt. I had never needed an attorney prior to this. I had a huge reality check, I beleive the evidence supports the attorney who represented me took this case on behalf of this neighbor. There is no attorney that could be this incompetent and pass the bar exam. I do not care who you are, nobody has the right to do anything to the property of another person. There is not statute of limitation, the law says "never" to be taken without just compensation. These are serious criminal offenses that fall within the guidelines of a Federal prosecutor to bring charges for public corruption.

My case In a nutshell – Google Docs

My case In a nutshell. My well connected neighbor purchased the legally non conforming lot adjoining mine. All construction was done with fraudulently issued building permits by the City of Montrose, Iowa. He did not have enough land to fit his illegal structures on. At that time, 2005 they (the locals) determined his remedy was to eliminate me from my private property. Someone determined that he would apply toxic chemicals to my side only of the common boundary we had both verbally agreed on. When I saw the swath of dead grass on my side of the 300′ common boundary I immediately verbally told this neighbor not to apply anything to my property or come on my property again. I followed up immediately by chasing down the newly hired rookie Police chief and advised him what I had told this neighbor and requested and incident report. It took 16 months to receive a report that indicated I had told this neighbor not to trespass on my property. The chemicals continued this entire 16 months I was waiting for an incident report. By this time my entire body was in full blown severe skin disorder.

Hearsay evidence is more credible than hard copy documents, photos and a list of witnesses DESCRIBED as experts in their own right.

Hearsay Evidence based on “Mark Conlee said”

Evidence based on hearsay, “Mark Conlee says” when my evidence was hard copy documents, photos and a compelling list of witnesses described as “experts in their own right”. My evidence has never been reviewed by any government authority. 

APRIL 7, 2005,                                                                             PAGE 204  

         MONTROSE COUNCIL MEETING                                               PAGE 2        

  1. Drainage ditch. Mark Conlee spoke with Council regarding runoff from his property  into a  neighbor’s yard. He says Craig Junkins dug a trench and all is well now. 

Authors note. Standard procedure would be that the complainant would confirm whether an issue has been resolved. There was no excavation of a ditch in front of the Conlee property, the drainage problem was caused by the new structures built on fraudulent building permits issued by the City of Montrose, Ia. The new structures are non conforming in size for the lot size required by the State of Iowa building code. Also in violation of the State of Iowa building code is the change of the frontage of Conlee’s property. The existing frontage was 5the St. it has now been changed to be the city alley between 4th and 5th St.    



2.  Councilman Junkins said he talked to Mark Conlee.  “Mr. Conlee said” his attorney advised him there wasn’t a problem.

Jeff Junkins has an existing conflict of interest as he is a fellow employee of Mark and Linda Conlee. Junkins made this statement at a public meeting as if it were a fact, possibly giving the general public a false opinion of the law. The lawyer Conlee is speaking of is not a lawyer at all, he is misrepresenting his brother Bob Conlee, who was at the time a Lee County officer, to be a lawyer. Evidence proves Conlee did not seek legal advice until later in the year.

OCTOBER 6, 2005                                                                                                                   

           MONTROSE COUNCIL MEETING                                            

3. “He (Mark Conlee) said” her fence blew over during a recent storm.

Mark Conlee is lying about my curtain blowing over, had that happened he would have had pictures for evidence.

4. “Conlee said” Mark Holland told him he could put a fence on his side of the line he shares with Melody Boatner.

By making this statement Conlee indicates Holland has responded to his complaints about me. In my complaints against Conlee Holland refused his appointed duty to address complaints from neighbors of new redevelopments.. Holland stated to a fellow council member  that he had no intention of addressing my concerns about the nuisance drainage caused by the illegal redevelopment. 

5. He (Conlee) says” he has put weed killer on his side of the fence.

Photo evidence proves this is a false statement made by Mark Conlee

6. “He (Conlee) says” Melody Boatner has put a black curtain on an insecure structure.

I did put a privacy curtain up, however it was not insecure. I was well within my rights to install a privacy curtain. Mr. Conlee made a habit of hollering across the yard at me telling me that he was over the setbacks and such. He would make sure my customers saw him. by walking to the center of his yard and giving them a staring look of disapproval. Had Conlee not violated the law and changed the frontage of his property to be the alley he may not have had the impression that my backyard was his backyard. What he seems to believe is his backyard now is actually his side yard. Conlee has no backyard to speak of as his entire property lot is filled with oversized structures that overfill his allotted space.

7. “Conlee says” Boatner has broken the law with her wording.

This is another false statement made in a public forum for the purpose of giving the community an unfavorable opinion of my character. I was well within my right to post “Do not spray weed poison on my property. The sign was on my property.

8. “Conlee says” the black plastic on the lawn is a nuisance.

There is no ordinance stating black plastic is a nuisance, the material was not black plastic it was commercial landscape fabric.

9. “The Conlee’s say” they have never had words with her (Boatner) and they have done nothing wrong.

He has had words with me such as hollering across the yard to inform me that he was over the setbacks. He along with the police chief acting as a witness advised me that he was going to violate the civil court ruling that cited my right to enjoy my property, by physically moving the landscape timbers I had placed on my side of the common boundary to divert the excessive storm water runoff that he intentionally and illegally diverted onto my (Boatner’s) property. They (the Conlee’s) have violated every law in the book regarding redeveloping a legally non conforming property. However it is the duty of the City of Montrose to oversee that the redevelopment is compliant to State law. The false statements he made to the public defaming my character were enough to give an unfavorable opinion of the general public, Due to the serious effects of the toxic chemicals he (Conlee) applied on my private property, I was unable to wear clothes. I was unable to function enough to publicly challenge him on his false statements. Not that I have the duty to hold him accountable to the law, that is the duty of law enforcement and the city.

10.  “They (the Conlee’s said”) were attacked with the writing on the curtain and are emotionally upset.

This is not even debatable, I had every right to post “do not spray” and to install a privacy curtain, At the time there was no city fence ordinance. I was physically and emotionally destroyed by the intentional chemical assault committed against me by Mark Conlee and his conspirators of local government authorities. My right to equal protection and due process were violated by the criminal offenses committed by Conlee and the other officials who acted on his behalf. As a group they committed Conspiracy against Rights and Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law. Both of which are violations of Federal law.

A person with this kind of character and influence with the local government officials that is living anywhere near you, be aware that you are in constant danger of being legally abused. 

Here is a man continually applying toxic chemicals on my private property for over five years. It was obvious with the naked eye to see that my health had been severely affected by these chemicals to which he has no regard or empathy. He had to have my (Boatner’s) property to ever get his illegal non conforming redevelopment recorded on the County plat map. He, assisted by an entire entity of government, was willing to do whatever it took to eliminate me.

 Yet he has the grandiosity to state that he was attacked by me posting “Do not spray” on my property line where chemicals had been sprayed since May 2005.

I had the right to take up arms and defend my person and my property. I felt that was extreme due to the fact that laws for trespassing are commonly filed and by law enforcement and violators commonly prosecuted by County attorney’s to protect private property rights. 

I did not realize the influence this neighbor/council member had. I did not know that law enforcement would hold him higher above the law than he held himself.

I made the wrong decision in believing that my rights were as guaranteed as Mr Conlee’s and every other citizen of the USA.

The City officials who were, in this case, more than willing to conspire with Mr. Conlee’s needs to violate my State and Federal Constitutional Rights have no history of violating the State and Federal rights of any other residents of the City of Montrose, Iowa.  

Using a conflict of interest for self serving financial profit is a violation of Ethical rules for government service.

Fraudulent building permits, fraudulent ordinances and fabricated laws were all used by these conspirators. These are criminal offenses.

This case is far from being over. Justice will be served either the easy way or the hard way. That is a promise I made to my dear departed father and myself. In my opinion a jury of my peers would find that justice served is justice deserved. 

The liability in this case lies with the City of Montrose, County of Lee, Ia in their official and individual capacities. Mr. Conlee did not do anything that he was not allowed to do by local law enforcement.

18 U.S. Code CHAPTER 11B—CHEMICAL WEAPONS § 229.Prohibited activities

Here is the Federal law.

(a)Unlawful Conduct.Except as provided in subsection (b), it shall be unlawful for any person knowingly—

(1)to develop, produce, otherwise acquire, transfer directly or indirectly, receive, stockpile, retain, own, possess, or use, or threaten to use, any chemical weapon; or

(2)to assist or induce, in any way, any person to violate paragraph (1), or to attempt or conspire to violate paragraph (1).

(b)Exempted Agencies and Persons.—

(1)In general.—Subsection (a) does not apply to the retention, ownership, possession, transfer, or receipt of a chemical weapon by a department, agency, or other entity of the United States, or by a person described in paragraph (2), pending destruction of the weapon.

(2)Exempted persons.—person referred to in paragraph (1) is—

(A)any person, including a member of the Armed Forces of the United States, who is authorized by law or by an appropriate officer of the United States to retain, own, possess, transfer, or receive the chemical weapon; or

(B)in an emergency situation, any otherwise non-culpable person if the person is attempting to destroy or seize the weapon.

(c)Jurisdiction.—Conduct prohibited by subsection (a) is within the jurisdiction of the United States if the prohibited conduct—

(1)takes place in the United States;

(2)takes place outside of the United States and is committed by a national of the United States;

(3)is committed against a national of the United States while the national is outside the United States; or

(4)is committed against any property that is owned, leased, or used by the United States or by any department or agency of the United States, whether the property is within or outside the United States.

Here is what happened to a resident of the City of Montrose, Lee County, Ia.
Tell me what about the Federal law is not valid for what happened to a resident in the City of Montrose, Lee County, Iowa. Dirty, Rotten, Bastards.

About US Senator Chuck Grassley

Notice the date I first contacted him. He failed to come through with his promises that he could have the Feds investigated.

Office of Professional Responsibility reply to my complaint.

I do not understand my government. My complaint is about Dept. Of Justice authorities. Specifically about Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa Kevin VanderSchel.

  1. He lied to me when he told me that he has the authority to violate a civil court order with no type of court process.
  2. He advised me that no matter what the evidence proved he would use attorney discretion and not prosecute corrupt State and local officials.
    1. The corrupt State and local officials have no authority to violate my State and Federal Constitutional rights anymore that VanderSchel has.
  3. VanderSchel was getting his evidence from my WordPress site as if what was written there is factual and in real time.
    1. I can state that it is factual but certainly not all the relevant evidence is included on that website.

How can they not give me information to contact the signatory of this letter and advise me not to contact this office anymore. This office is paid for by taxpayers. Its not their office to dominate. They work for the people.


                                                       U.S. Department of Justice 

                                               Office of Professional Responsibility 

                              950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Room 3266 Washington, DC 20530 

Sent via e-mail

Melody K. Boatner 

Dear Ms. Boatner: 

This is in response to your correspondence to the Office of the Inspector General, which was forwarded to the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) for review and response. In your correspondence, you complained about an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa and a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. 

OPR has jurisdiction to investigate allegations of misconduct involving Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys that relate to the exercise of their authority to investigate, litigate or provide legal advice, as well as allegations of misconduct by law enforcement personnel when they are related to allegations of attorney misconduct within the jurisdiction of OPR. It is, however, the policy of this Office to refrain from investigating issues or allegations that could have been or still may be addressed in the course of litigation, unless a court has made a specific finding of misconduct by a DOJ attorney or law enforcement agent. Based on our review of your correspondence, we have determined that your allegations fall into this category. Accordingly, we concluded that no action by this Office is warranted. You may wish to consult private counsel or contact the nearest Legal Aid Society to determine what additional legal avenues, if any, may be available to you. 

We regret that we are unable to be of further assistance to you in this matter. 


Jacqueline Robertson

Program Analyst 

May 6, 2020 

The 28th Amendment

I do not remember where I got this from and I haven’t fact checked it.

Please read 28th amendment Please Read, and forward. This will only take 1 minute to read! 28th Amendment, 35 States and Counting. It will take you less than a minute to read this. If you agree, please pass it on. It’s an idea whose time has come to deal with this self-serving situation: OUR PRESENT SITUATION ! Children of Congress members do not have to pay back their college student loans. Staffers of Congress family members are also exempt from having to pay back student loans. Members of Congress can retire at full pay after only one term. Members of Congress have exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed, under which ordinary citizens must live. For example, they are exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment. And as the latest example, they have exempted themselves from Healthcare Reform, in all of its aspects. We must not tolerate an elite class of such people, elected as public servants and then putting themselves above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever. The self-serving must stop. Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon their states.It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention. IF??? Each person that receives this will forward it on to 20 people, in three days most people in The United States of America will have the message. Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the Citizens of the United States …” You are one of my 20. 6:26 PM President Trump is asking everyone to forward this email to a minimum of 20 people, and to ask each of those to do likewise. In three days, most people in the United States will have the message. This is an idea that should be passed around, regardless of political party. The TRUMP Rules: Congressional Reform Act of 2017 1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they’re out of office. And, no more perks go with them. 2. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose. 3. Congress must purchase their own retirement plan, just as ALL Americans do. 4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%. 5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people. 6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people (i.e. NO MORE INSIDER TRADING!!!). 7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women. Congress made all these contracts by and for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor and privilege NOT a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators should serve their term(s), then go home and go back to work … not get all kinds of freebies.

City of Montrose, Iowa Cops respond to Conlee complaint that I have picture of him posted on a tree on my private property.

Its not illegal to have a sheet of paper hanging on my tree. I could not enjoy my property for over 5 years. I paid taxes on it. He was a stalker. He was consumed by trying to get me convicted of a crime. He is the one who terrorized me.

I found this photo online and hung it on a tree in my yard. The next thing I know the Police Chief Brent Shipman is knocking on my door. He explained that Mark Conlee had called in a complaint that I had a picture of him hanging on a tree. Lol  Great use of City resources.

A shrub "mooning" the neighbor. | Funny pictures, Annoying ...


Civil Complaint

Random Facts about the attack

You may have been manipulated into believing that I was involved with illegal drug activity by the opposing party of government officials. I witnessed Lee County Sheriff’s officer Bob Conlee make a false statement associating me with a known pot grower. The evidence supports that an incident of mistaken identity may have caused an embarrassing moment for officer Conlee involving me in the past. He took that information out of context. He makeup his own compilation of events stating his version to the public on the police radio.  It was a fluke that I witnessed him make the false statement about me that evening. The timing of this false statement made about me by Officer Conlee was at the same time the attack against my person and my property began.

I want to make a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT at this time. Any of you who are not aware that all Law enforcement officers lie, are in a delusional state of denial. It’s that simple. The days that an officer finds honor in honesty have been long gone.  It is a job requirement to lie in order to protect the thin blue line. 

You may have  been manipulated into believing that I am “crazy” by the opposing party of government officials. I have hard copy evidence that supports my sound mind. I did have an extended period of my life that I was tortured physically and mentally by my government using chemicals as a weapon in a brutal assault against me. During this time the Ft. Madison ER was giving me massive amounts of  IV steroid injections. The purpose was to offer me some relief from the excruciating pain of my skin being raw from the chemical exposure. The evidence proves that I was evaluated and it was determined my hallucinations were caused by IV steroid overdose. I was in the ICU for three days. I can testify that it was a trip.

 You may have been manipulated into believing that  I am a “lazy” person who never takes care of my financial responsibilities or maintaining my home and property by the opposing party of government officials. That is simply not true. I downloaded a copy of my credit score when it was obvious I was not going to be able to make payments on unexpected back to back ER visits.My credit score was 760. These ER visits were an attempt to get some relief from the severe skin condition caused by the intentional application of chemicals to my private property. The chemical exposure rendered with no ability to function. I survived by the generosity of friends. The IV steroid injections caused me significantly more physical disabilities, they cause me to be blind. When I fled from my private property it was the only option I had to attempt to save my life. Being blind and homeless for the following 4 years should not have happened. This terrorist physically assaulted me for over 5 years. My conditions exacerbated within 3 weeks. It was unbearable to simply wear clothes. The local were aware of this and still chose to allow me to be tortured by the actions of this narcissist neighbor. The conflict of interested was taken and used as a way to represent this person and hold him above the law in every fraudulent, immoral terrorist act he committed against me.    


The “rash” that erupted on my shins caused severe intense itching immediately after my skin was exposed to it.. It was not until after the grass had died several days later that I could visually see that chemicals had been unlawfully applied to my property. The chemicals were applied to my side of the 300’ common boundary I shared with a neighbor. It was obvious the chemicals had been applied to my property by my neighbor. Nobody else had access to the property. Nobody else had a reason to eliminate me from my private property.


          Regarding the defamation of my character as being “lazy” and not maintaining my yard to the degree deserving of nuisance abatement notices. Evidence supports my neighbor,

 Mark Conlee stated “even though Mel Boatner has an older home, she maintains it well”, and that was one of the considerations used in determining we (the Conlee’s) would purchase the from Mayor Dinwiddie. 


I was constantly harassed by the City on the Conlee’s behalf. Multiple criminal complaints were filed against me by the State and the City. The charges were with intent to cause financial hardship. The criminal charges based on fabricated laws and ordinances were all dismissed against me.


 I was denied filing a criminal complaint for multiple counts of fraud against the City and city clerk Celeste Cirinna prosecuted by Lee County Attorney Mike Short. Cirinna admitted to altering a city ordinance with Mayor Scumbailto present.


The exposure to the chemicals caused serious severe effects to my health and caused complete depletion of my financial resources. I was completely unable to function. I could not work in my upholstery shop. I was suffering so severely that my skin would erupt and bleed uncontrollably. In the upholstery business that is not acceptable. It was unbearable to simply wear clothes. I was being tortured by the assault with chemical weapons.


           I have no experience in a court of law. I have never needed an attorney to argue a case on my behalf. I was referred to Steve Swan ESQ. Steve Swan advised that he would represent me in filing a complaint against the City of Montrose. Swan advised me that my case is a tort case. He advised me that the person who referred me to him had briefed him on the case. He was advised that I was not financially prepared to find myself defending my Constitutional Rights in a lawsuit. He advised that he was willing to barter his service for mine. He did requested $100 for the filing fee which I paid him that day. I questioned him about his knowledge of the law applying to my case and he was knowledgeable in property law, he agreed that the city is the liable party. Swan advised me that he had already spoken with my neighbor’s brother about this case. He advised that the neighbor’s brother had lied to him about the situation. The neighbor’s brother at the time was an officer for the Lee County Sheriff’s dept Bob Conlee. Swan advised we would file a complaint against both the City and my neighbor. 


The following day I received a copy of a letter of intent Swan sent to my neighbor. In the letter he advised that he had 10 days to remedy the nuisance drainage issue. If there was no remedy in ten days, he would file an injunction. 


  In this case my attorney suppress all the indisputable evidence I had gathered to present to the judge.Steve Swan never filed the complaint he was hired to file against the liable party, the City of Montrose. Steve Swan intentionally misled me into believing he had filed a complaint against the City of Montrose as he was hired to do. It was not until the final day of this civil trial in which I am the defendant that Swan snickered and advised me that he did not want the case against the City. 


You can imagine my confusion when 6 months later I am served a summons by my neighbor. Conlee is suing me for “loss of enjoyment of his property”. 


He continued to  apply the chemicals to my private property, as if it were his own.  I installed a privacy curtain. I am well within my legal rights. I had a reality check at this time. I realized after the fact that my attorney most likely took my case on behalf of the Conlee’s. He never submitted the affidavit of my witnesses. He never questioned my witnesses when they took the stand. These are the same witnesses that he described as “experts in their own right” at our first meeting.He never objected to what the Conlee’s were stating in the multiple times they committed perjury in the courtroom.


Had this judge had been given the evidence supporting my allegations he could have recognized that two or more government officials with the intent to cause me harm deprived me of my private property rights under color of law.  From 2005-2010 the chemicals were routinely applied to my property on a weekly basis.


I felt a sense of relief when in the finding of facts of this case. The Judge cited my “right to use my property as I wished”. I falsely believed the chemical attack would cease with my rights being cited in this ruling. 


I was completely mistaken. This neighbor never complied to any law, code or regulation since he began the property redevelopment. He had no regard for this court order. Law enforcement never enforced compliance to this court order just as they had never held him accountable for any of the other multiple violations of the law he committed.


 With every dismissal of any criminal charges brought against me, this neighbor became more aggressive in his attack to eliminate me from my private property. He was obsessed with making the court find me in violation of a law.


            Prior to being exposed to these chemicals I was in good health. My credit score was 760. I was always aware, as a self employed business owner, maintaining my health was a high priority. I did practice preventive maintenance. 


As any other reasonable US citizen, I never expected a neighbor or my government to wage a full on attack against me using chemical weapons. I expected as a US citizen to be safe and secure in my home and on my private property. I expected to always have the right to enjoy my private property. Federal law protects these rights guaranteed to all citizens. The hard copy evidence supports a premeditated intent to violate my Federally protected rights. 


I was aware that at some point the government would put a stop on this neighbor’s non compliant property redevelopment. Had standard procedures been followed by the City building administrator this project would have never gotten started. This neighbor had blueprints of his redevelopment. The building administrator is required to review the blueprints. This project would have been denied without question had the building administrator represented the State as he did in every other building permit he issued.  


Site layout and stormwater drainage are the first steps in property development. This information is available in every handyman’s book or manual. If common sense does not guide a builder into knowing that you cannot divert more storm water onto a neighboring property than before the redevelopment, any Do-it-yourself 101 states the law does not allow to new redevelopment to divert more storm water onto a neighboring property than before. A new property redevelopment cannot devalue a neighboring property. In this case my property lost a value of $10,000 before the project was even completed.


Legally non conforming properties are restricted to not being allowed to have new structures larger than the existing structures. This should have been the end of this story. The worst that could legally have happened would have been this neighbor made an investment into a property that is not developable. Based on the size of the structures this neighbor built on his narrow strip of land. His desire was to have a small farm in the middle of the towns residential district.


In this case the building administrator was aware that this was a legally non conforming property.  For reasons I do not know, this building administrator intentionally violated his duty to represent the State of Iowa building code and drainage laws. 

  • He approved these non conforming structures. 
  • He approved the site layout and drainage. 
  • He approved but failed to document the fill dirt that was trucked in, elevating this property as much as 12 ft in some areas. 
  • He allowed the illegal removal of an existing berm. 
  • He issued fraudulent building permits specifically for this particular person.


Witnesses will testify that when they had a building permit issued this appointed building administrator followed the standard procedures by the book. One instance the witness states that this building administrator questioned the position she had her buildings laid out on her blueprints. Another says that when he was issued a building permit for a new shed he was charged a fee. The building administrator for the Conlee redevelopment knowingly issued five fraudulent building permits.  The permit for the new home there was no fee was charged. The Mayor certainly knew that the property was legally non conforming, he sold the property to Conlee. It has been suggested by multiple neighbors that the building administrator and the Mayor were involved in an arson of the existing double wide mobile home. 


The Mayor’s role in this is relevant concerning a conflict of interest.. The Mayor had a personal financial gain. Ethically he had a duty to step out of any issues concerning this property. He without the authority acted as the building administrator on one occasion in this case. 


 The Mayor has a questionable history regarding properties he has owned. Several years prior to this personal financial gain from the sale of real property an individual addressed the city council about her plan to rent a building and open a tattoo shop. The city council denied her plan, explaining that they did not think a tattoo shop would portray the city in the way they wanted the City to be presented. 


Not long after that, a different person addressed the City council. This individual was requesting  to open a tattoo shop. This person’s intent was to purchase a property from the Mayor and operate the business from that location. The City council gave this person their full support. The Mayor sold his property, he had a personal financial gain and everyone was happy. Some of the city council members were so supportive they put tattoos on their bodies. The complete change of attitude about a tattoo shop opening in the city I suspect may be a self serving purpose having nothing to do with what the council wants the city to be represented as.


  Conlee’s  motive was to acquire my property at any cost. I knew his motive when he refused my verbal request to stop applying the chemicals to my property. Without my property he could never get his illegal redevelopment recorded on the County plat map. His oversized  non conforming structures would never legally fit on his narrow lot of property, no matter which way he positioned his structures. According to Iowa law and according to a statement made by the Mayor on public record, legally non conforming properties cannot be redeveloped with structures having a larger footprint than the existing structures. 


I followed all the standard procedures to remedy the situation. A conspiracy against my Federally protected rights, deprivation of rights under color of law allowed for my private property to be taken by force. An act of contempt of a civil court judge citing my right to use my property as I wished, allowed for me to be tortured. He would not stop the chemical attack until he achieved his goal. Government officials and law enforcement had no intention of stopping him. Refusing to trespass him from my property equals a conspiracy. This neighbor was held above the law in every criminal action that was committed against me. 


Ongoing refusal to review my evidence is not the remedy for this situation. There is no statute of limitations for torture. FBI agent Thomas Reinwart and Assistant US Attorney Kevin VanderSchel’s willfull misconduct and intentional negligence has caused significantly more mental torture. Reinwart admits he used hearsay evidence to predetermine his decision, with no concern of being held accountable for violating my Federally protected rights. VanderSchel knowingly made a false statement advising that he had the authority to violate a civil court order. Neither of them have authority to violate any citizens Federally protected rights. They are not representing the Federal laws. They are representing corrupt State and local public officials under color of law. 




Requesting answer to question regarding US attorney’s authority.

I have made some connections with associates of the US Attorney’s office. I deserve honest answers to my questions. An expert of Federal law should have the integrity to answer my questions honestly.

  1. Does an AUSA have the authority to violate a civil court order with no type of court process. This particular AUSA advised me that he does have that right. In is not reasonable that any attorney can violate any court order without some type of court process. If I am incorrect show me the written law.
  2. Does an AUSA have the right to violate a citizens Constitutional and Civil rights by using attorney discretion and not prosecuting Corrupt State and Local officials? #law #justice #torture #corruption

This AUSA should not have had to go to my website to get his evidence. My website is not updated in real time. I have thousands of documents of evidence supporting my allegations. I have never claimed they were posted on my website. The FBI agent had the duty to investigate my evidence. He refused, advising me to “tell him the story”. He then sent me an email stating that he had made his decision that no Federal law has been violated based on what Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber told a third party. I am not an attorney but I know that hearsay is not evidence. I also know its a Federal crime to lie to the FBI. Not in this case and I want to know why I have been held exempt from any law protecting my person and my property from chemical warfare.

In this letter he completely abuses his power of office by denying me the right to submit further evidence to him by advising me not to communicate with his office. A recent letter in the local newspaper supports a conflict of interest between this AUSA and Sheriff Weber as they have spent “years” working on a drug case. Yet another conflict of interest that would not have been discovered had the article not been published in the newspaper.

This AUSA seems to believe he has the option not to prosecute a case with such a serious offense as torture. I don’t believe he does have that option. I believe he has the duty to recuse himself from this case and have this case prosecuted by a US Attorney from Illinois or Missouri. The thin blue line stops when a citizens live is on the line. Had I not have fled I would be dead.

The evidence proves Mark Conlee did this intentionally to harm me. That is what the FBI was supposed to be investigating, EVIDENCE not HEARSAY. There are no assumptions or conjecture on my part at all.


10-3-2018 pg 2 Kevin VanderSchel
10-3-2018 pg 2 Kevin VanderSchel


Due to personal issues I will not be available for updating my story on a regular basis. Please share. I believe if the one person gets this story the public would make mincemeat out of these Public impostors.

12-26-2019 submitting complaint to FBI Agent Thomas Reinwart one last time.

From: 12-26-2019

To: FBI Thomas Reinwart


The only way the US Attorney could not recognize this as a case of conspiracy against right and deprivation of rights under color of law would be due to you not presenting the facts given by the evidence. I am going to give you the facts one more time. I want to speak directly with a rep of the US Attorney for the southern district of Iowa. You have not and can not provide me with any conflicting evidence that my allegations are not correct. Here it is one more time. You must read it in its entirety to understand the unprecedented conspiracy that was committed against me including that without these conflicts of interest  this could have never have happened to this degree of torture.

INTRODUCTION  Complaint alleging Public Corruption, Request for investigation of violation of State and Federal civil rights.

This case concerns my neighbor Mark Conlee’s redevelopment of a legally nonconforming property purchased from the Mayor of my city. He began redeveloping the property by adding a new non compliant garage. He trucked in fill dirt and not only was the massive illegal roofs rotated to drain storm water onto my property he set the grade of the elevated fill dirt to drain down onto my property. The five building permits are illegal, the building official refused to address my concerns in regard to the nuisance drainage the redevelopment caused my property as his duty requires. When this neighbor discovered he could not get the illegal redevelopment recorded on the county plat map, he determined the remedy was to eliminate me. He began unlawfully applying chemicals onto my property. It took very little time before the chemicals caused me a severe skin condition. I verbally told this man not to apply anything to my property, and requested an incident report from the chief of police. Needless to say that I had developed a full body severe skin condition before the 16 months in it took the Chief of police to give me the incident report. This was so severe that it was unbearable to wear clothes. I hired an attorney to sue the City. He was on board with the law at our first meeting. I was questioning him about his knowledge and he passed. The liability was the City. One of the building permits was not signed by the builder and had been forged at a later date  from the original on file. The other permits are illegal based on the fact that this was a legally non conforming property. For those who don’t know there are very stringent rules that apply to redevelopment of such properties. As commented by Mayor Dinwiddie on public record. You’re not allowed to build any structure larger than the existing structures. This guy even went so far as to put in a garden pond that drained onto my property. I am a single middle aged female. I owned my property outright having purchased it in 1995. I opened an upholstery shop that I operated from one of the existing structures on my property. I could not have been happier with my ideal of acquiring my American Dream.

The chemicals continued nonstop. I was surprised when I got served notice that I was being sued by this neighbor for “loss of enjoyment of his property”. It seems that the legally installed privacy curtain that I installed on my side of the 300′ common boundary was too much for him to bear. He could not see out of his windows. Does he even realize that he was looking into his actual side yard? His lot was too narrow to set the oversized structures on. When I spoke to my attorney I was clear that my intent was to sue the City. He advised we would sue both parties adding that the City is where the money was. I know, the liable party is where the money is. I have a long line of paternal parents that held authority titles for a neighboring city. I did not know why he wanted to sue the neighbor to but that is why I hired an attorney. I did not question it. I have never needed an attorney and I am unfamiliar with the court process. The letter of intent my attorney sent the next day did state that if there were no remedy in 10 days he would file an injunction. Upon receiving the letter, the neighbor removed all evidence of an existing berm he had illegally removed. He illegally changed, the frontage of his home to now be the city alley. Apparently, the re-positioning of his home made him believe that my backyard was now his backyard . He added a little roof over the side entrance door to make it look as though his frontage was the street but it clearly was the alley now. This being one of many counts of perjury he committed in the civil court case

I continued to go to council meetings each time a new Mayor was elected. That would be an unprecedented  four Mayors in 5 years. As a citizen being affected by a nuisance drainage as a result of the non-compliant redevelopment, I had the duty to notify the building official that there was a problem. I tried to call him on the telephone, I left messages on his answering machine. He never returned my calls.  My attempts to address the city council were in vain, I had the floor and there would be a distraction caused by the former building official. I was never allowed to speak about my complaint or try to get the proper authority to make him stop applying the chemicals. He would not stop and no law enforcement would file a complaint against him for trespassing.

I believe that if I had been a male, he would never have been brave enough to ignore my request. The Chief of Police did advise me that he did not want to file a complaint against him because he did not want to make him mad. The civil court case he filed against me was dismissed citing my right to enjoy my property. I felt a sense of relief assuming the chemicals would stop based on the citing of my right to enjoy property I could not have been more wrong. This made him mad. He suspiciously is elected to city council for the sole purpose of “getting me back”. The chemicals continue without hesitation. I hear nothing from my attorney in regards to the case against the city even though I email him multiple times. I went to give him a payment and mentioned that the Mayor actually took my side in regards to the privacy curtain I installed. He advised me that the reason the Mayor took my side was that he had received a letter from my attorney. My attorney had lied to me all this time. He never filed the complaint against the city. He never did anything on my behalf. He did suppress evidence on behalf of this neighbor. This guy and the police chief physically altered Railroad ties I had placed along the common boundary to try to divert the excessive storm water from my property to the city drainage ditch. This was a direct act in contempt of court. There was no reason but to prove to me that he was not going to abide by the court of anyone else’s ruling. He had to have my property.

The county attorney advised me that he would violate his duty to prosecute all criminal offenses and he would decide who is prosecuted in his county. He then proceeds to file criminal charges against me several times for fabricated laws. Laws that do not exist, but I cannot get one for criminal trespassing against this neighbor whose intent is clearly to cause me serious injury or death. I suffered severe pain for five long years. I knew I was dying. Only when a former city police chief now moved on to the Sheriff Dept stopped by my home to advise me that this neighbor had no intention to cease and desist with the chemicals did I know I had no option. I had either to shoot this neighbor dead or sell my home business and property for enough funds to repay the debt I owed my friend for supplying the funds for my basic living expenses over the 5-year period and pay for my final expenses. I knew I was dying.

I could not leave this earth without repaying my friends well over $10,000 dollars. My condition only increased, I  could not bear to have anything touch my skin the pain never stopped. It was 24/7, I had lost my eyesight by this time also as a result of the medical treatment administered to offer my skin some relief. This neighbor has more than less of the traits to determine a psychopath according to Hare’s list. I now know the reason the police chief or anyone else for that matter did not want to make this guy mad. However, for me to be the sacrificial lamb and live to tell about it, no way. It is the duty of law enforcement to protect the rights of the people in these United States. They take an oath to do just that, the criminal acts committed by this enterprise of local government officials is unbelievable. However, the evidence does not lie.

I did survive and I am now seeking compensation for my damages. According to the Storm water management handbook, the courts see cities as having deep pockets in not complying to the State building code and drainage laws. Now I am looking for law enforcement and prosecuting attorney  that are committed to protecting the rights of their fellow citizens. What is truly unbelievable this group of thugs being afraid to do their duty to the degree that they would rather commit serious criminal acts against a woman than make this man mad. I am concerned for the entire community. This man showed no empathy when he saw my skin. His intent was to acquire my property at any cost. Something’s not right here. I have known these individuals most of my life and I have never witnessed or heard rumors of any of them committing criminal offenses on someone else’s behalf. Mayor Dinwiddie clearly had a personal financial gain when he sold this otherwise worthless piece of property to Mark Conlee.  Didn’t Mark Conlee know that redeveloping a nonconforming property is not an option? the city building official intentionally allowed the illegal construction, and avoided his duty to address my concerns. Lee County Attorney Michael Short recently retired and I believe the shuffling of the new County Attorney is finished so I believe it should be possible to hold those who have committed criminal acts be prosecuted and I should be compensated for being the victim of the criminal acts that were committed against me. As it stands, I am forced to watch these individuals living large from the guts of my property. I sit here with chronic health problems in a small section 8 rental house that is not satisfactory for my lifestyle or sewing machine. I do not know how long I can contain my patience. It has been an extended period. The chances I will be diagnosed with cancer are overwhelmingly high percent based on the studies on glyphosate. These people have new homes and garage no worries. My achieved American dream has been ripped (taken) from my hands causing injury with no compensation, no acknowledgement much less an apology. In fact if you asked anyone of the participating authorities they would most likely just respond that I am “crazy”. That information was given to the Mayor by a family member who has mental issues with narcissistic personality disorder.  If you read my webpage,  you will find much more evidence supporting this story and the others who conspired to deprive me of my rights under color of law. There just is no other way to view or excuse these events. I will not be denied my right to private property no matter who or when justice is served. In the end I will be compensated for the suffering I have been made to endure at the hands of these self serving government impostors. They need to be held accountable by the Justice Dept. They need never to hold another government position as they have proven capable of serving the ultimate sacrifice to those who they have taken an oath to protect.  It makes no difference that this is only one individual that has harmed their duty to protect the rights of all equally. If I had not fled I would have paid the ultimate price for simply having owned the property a psychopath purchased from the Mayor.

This cannot be allowed in the USA under any circumstances. I certainly do not intend to be the first and only citizen who has been subject to such brutal criminal acts by my local government officials. There is no more time for excuses this needs to be addressed. These crimes are in violation of the Constitution of the State of Iowa and The Constitution of the United States of America. I am requesting an investigation into the evidence that has never been reviewed by any authority.


Melody Boatner

Keokuk, Ia.


Original property layout

This building permit is fraudulent as it is impossible to construct this building from pouring a slab to complete finish in the timeline of 5 days. It is incomplete as there is no fill dirt amount, setbacks or other information required by the State of Iowa. This document is folded for scanning purposes. Boatner was initially informed that this structure was non compliant because the owner intended to build a living quarters in the second story.

After a suspicious fire supposedly destroyed the existing double-wide mobile home this building permit was issued. Fraudulent building permit issued by City of Montrose, Ia. Not signed by the builder, no fee charged, no fill dirt or setbacks recorded. This permit is also folded for purposes of scanning.

When the city building official refused to address my concerns about a nuisance drainage issue according to city ordinance I contacted Lee County extension agent for an opinion. He wrote a letter to me and a copy to Mayor Dinwiddie including a copy of the Iowa drainage laws. There was no response.

City clerk Cirinna altered the fee charged on this original permit to conflict with Lee County Ext. Agents observation.

Water standing in yard

Water standing in the yard. Note upper right hand corner retaining fill dirt on neighbors new garage.

Ground in crawl space saturated with groundwater caused by increased stormwater runoff from neighbors new redevelopment and illegal removal of existing berm foundation washed out. This side of the house had never received water like this because of the existing berm that Conlee removed unlawfully.

According to expert Bob Dodds anything existing for more that 10 years is considered existing, Conlee illegally removed the berm that had been put in place in 1972 for the purpose of protecting Boatners home from stormwater runoff.

Neighbor’s allegation that my nuisance drainage was caused by the city street is false. This photo shows crawl space toward the street is dry. Dark area of soil is saturated from side of home that faces neighbors property

Common boundary supporting neighbors applied chemicals to my property (on the right side of photo). This boundary is 300’ long and there was never any action by law enforcement to stop the application of chemicals to my property.I began to report the unlawful acts in late April 2005 and nothing was ever done on my behalf until I was forced to escape from them in Aug 2010.

Conlee’s opinion was that a ditch on his property would be unsightly. Boatner believes Conlee has a severe personality disorder. He thinks he is above the law. He committed perjury in his testimony under oath in Conlee vs Boatner as he knew full well Boatner wanted a ditch dug because the stormwater diverted to. The wire fence was installed by Conlee to keep Boatner from digging a ditch down the common boundary.  If the building codes were recognized publicly, Conlee would have never been allowed to expand the size of the new structure larger than the existing structures. The Mayor and building official were well aware of the legality of Conlee’s redevelopment that is why they refused to address her grievances. They violated their oath of office. They conspired with Conlee to allow Boatner’s State and Federal RIght to be violated. They conspired with Conlee to use chemicals as a weapon to eliminate her from her property.

I did not notice the chemicals until the the grass was getting green in the spring as soon as  I did notice them I knew what was causing the “rash” on my shins

I advised neighbor not to apply anything to my property and requested an incident report from Police Chief Brent Shipman


Spreading, Condition continues to get worse. No action from law enforcement to protect e from harm or my Constitutionally protected private property rights

Poison continued to be applied to my property on a routine basis. By this time the “rash had developed into a full body severe skin condition that caused severe pain to the degree it was unbearable to wear clothes. Poison continues to be applied to my property without my permission against my control

I can think of no more brutal way to eliminate a neighbor. In the background is the Steel Roofing I had just purchased to put on my home. It was in no way my decision to move. This was heavy 1/4 “ j channel steel.

I had no authority to stop this neighbor from unlawfully applying chemicals to my property except to take up arms.

law enforcement has the duty to provide protection of my private property rights.

This felt more like a chemical burn. Boatner  was completely unable to function. This was an intentional brutal attack that have had serious lifelong effects


16 Months later I received this report that is completely inadequate from Police chief Brent Shipman. I refused this and told him I wanted one that was more specific.

9-16-2006  intentional untimely incident report requested by Boatner 16 months after the discovery of chemicals on her property. By this time it was too late the condition had become chronic. There was never any intervention from local city and county law enforcement to protect my right to private property. Police chief Shipman advised me that he did not want to make this neighbor mad. Lee County attorney dismissed the photo evidence and advised me that “Mark Conlee said” that he only applied the chemicals to his side of the fence.

Letter of Intent From Boatner attorney to Conlee

Boatner hired an attorney very early in this case, to file a complaint against the city of Montrose early on. Conlee commits perjury in the civil case Conlee vs Boatner also.  Steve Swan knowingly lied to her. He reassured her that he had filed the complaint against the City of Montrose. Boatner believes that Attorney Swan was so eager to take her case that it leaves to question whether arrangements were premeditated by Conlee and Swan for him to do just what he did, nothing except suppress evidence that is right here in this file. Suppress testimony of witnesses that he claimed were experts in their own right, but then did not ask a question to any of them. This case followed no standard procedures. What began as a simple nuisance drainage issue that could have been easily remedied. Turned into a criminal conspiracy all because one of the good old boys wasn’t smart enough to pay attention to step on in land developing. Site layout and drainage. His nonconforming lot he should have known has stringent laws in development. Mayor Dinwiddie, the seller of the property, acknowledges this in the public record.

How many cases are there in which the plaintiff offers the defendant an out of court settlement? Well in this case Conlee offered Boatner two out of court settlements. Both of which are ridiculous. Mark Conlee is a psychopath. Nobody in their right mind intentionally hurts another human being. In this case he was asked to stop applying the chemicals. He refused to stop. The reason he continued was for the purpose of eliminating Boatner.

First offer to settle out of court. Plaintiff’s offer to defendant is admission to guilt. Boatner’s attorney suppressed this from the court.

2nd offer to settle out of court. This was suppressed from the court. This offer is completely ridiculous being Boatner is not responsible for the new developments stormwater drainage.

This is the privacy curtain Boatner installed, it was within her legal right as there was no fence ordinance at that time. You can also see Conlee’s property is graded down toward her property. The existing berm prior to the redevelopment was located on the left hand side of this photo, Conlee has put some bricks where the berm used to be. You can see the Conlee’s new home has the roof rotated from the original home to divert stormwater directly onto Boatner’s property. Prior to the removal of the berm a heavy rain would develop a small pond in this front yard of the Conlee’s property. Boatner’s property received no stormwater runoff from the Conlee property.  The judge erred in what he stated Conlee’s witness actually stated in her testimony. She actually stated the her (Boatner’s) property NEVER received stormwater runoff from the Conlee property. Boatner’s attorney recognized this as a fact in an email exchange. No competent attorney could be so incompetent not to raise issue with what he acknowledges in an email to Boatner when she contacted him after receiving the decision. The attorney’s oath swears that he will represent the best interests of his client. Boatner’s attorney violated that oath. His action support intent to cause Boatner harm.

Finding of Fact

Finding of Fact,  The dismissal of Conlee’s this case only made Conlee more aggressive toward Boatner. Conlee decided he would get elected to council member. The timeline for announcing candidacy was not within the guidelines. We never got the decision on the civil case until the end of Oct.  I believe you must have your candidate announced before that timeline. Conlee went to the city hall every afternoon when he got off work for a week, and read the city codes before he announced. Conlee‘s personality true to itself, he gave her a thumbs up as she drove by one afternoon, indicating  that he had made a deal for his position and was going to be elected to city council. His intent as a council member was to force me to take that curtain down. He intended to harass me financially. Clerk Cirinna obediently began to take orders from Conlee. She fabricated an ordinance specially for Boatner .

The fraudulent ordinance indicated Boatner had to take the curtain down. Boatner pleaded not guilty. The case was dismissed by the City Attorney. There was not a word spoken to the court about the case. Correction the paragraph below the red line is fraudulent.

Footnote of the court order the judge noted the issues in this case had been remedied by a previous court of law.  These types of crimes continued along with the chemicals exposure until 2010. At that time Boatner’s condition had become dire. She also lost her eyesight. She was helpless to defend herself or her property. Conlee’s network of authorities did not waver in their malicious fight to acquire Boatner’s property.

Finding of Fact

The court ruling, citing Boatner’s right to enjoy her property meant she has been returned complete control of her own property.

According to Lee County Deputy David Hunold, who came to her home investigating a second of the same fabricated law complaint against her by Lee County Attorney Mike Short on behalf of  Mark Conlee.

The first complaint stated that Boatner had driven by Conlee’s home and given him the middle finger. According to Officer Hunold the Judge did not specify Mark Conlee was not allowed to continue to apply chemicals to her property. He could continue and he did continue to apply chemicals to her property. She had just been to court over this same allegation that she had given him the finger and it was dismissed. She never even got to see the judge. Mark Conlee in contempt of court did not show up for court.  He was on vacation in Florida. The newest Police Chief Karl Judd advised Boatner that he knew Conlee was on vacation and would be a no show prior to the court date.

These frivolous charges were made against Boatner by Lee County attorney Mike Short in State of Iowa vs Boatner. This 2nd complaint was altered from the original simply by adding the words “he is tired of this happening all the time” therefore bumping it up to a harassment charge. Someone should have advised the County Attorney that there is no law against giving anyone the finger. In Boatner’s opinion the judge would have commented that Conlee deserved for her to give him the finger. Boatner was still being denied a trespassing complaint against Conlee. As Officer Hunold was leaving her home she told him wait, she wants to file a complaint for trespassing, having just shown him the court document. Officer Hunold advised her that he was only there to investigate a complaint from Conlee that she had given him the finger. Lee County Attorney Mike Short had sent him in case there was a conflict of interest involved. There definitely was a conflict of interest in this case. This case reeks of  violations of Federal law.

May 23 2008   Mark Conlee assisted by Police Chief Shipman violates the civil court order. Somehow Chief Shipman feels he has the authority to overrule a court order and authorize Conlee  to alter the railroad ties Boatner had placed on her property along the common boundary to divert the excessive amount of stormwater runoff. Boatner’s property now receives 90% of Conlee’s stormwater runoff after the illegal property redevelopment. He pulled the plastic edging out that Boatner had installed, he pushed the ties out of alignment. You can see a broken staub in the foreground of this photo. The staub’s were broken off at ground level all the way down the row of ties. Boatner was putting myself in danger by being out in her yard to place these ties and edging as there were chemicals that had been applied to the entire common boundary. Boatner had no chance to secure her private property rights. Her only option other than to flee would be to shoot this man dead.

This photo is easier to indicate the broken staub’s and edging that was pulled from the ground and laying on top of the soil. This action was don’t in contempt of the civil court order citing Boatner’s  right to enjoy my own property. He never did this to the upper half of the property. He did this in the middle of the night. Earlier that day Conlee along the the Police Chief approached Boatner and informed her that he was going to move her railroad ties. Boatner went into her house and returned with a single shot pellet gun. Boatner stood guard and defended her property till after dark. Boatner is human. She was still trying to operate her upholstery shop business and did goe in the house to try and get some rest. The next morning this is what took place on her property. Several weeks later Conlee calls a false report into the police stating he heard shots fired from Boatner’s property. The purpose for the false police report was to know if Boatner had weapons. It is a violation of the law to make false police reports. There is no law that applies to Mark Conlee. You can see the amount of fill dirt that was brought into Conlee’s property by the retaining timbers on the left of the photo. He committed perjury in the civil case denying the amount of fill dirt he had trucked in.  As you can see Boatner’s property has mature trees and his property has nothing that would prevent him from installing a drain pipe to divert his stormwater to the city drainage ditch as required by State drainage law.

This is the finished illegal property redevelopment of Boatner’s neighbor. Completely not in compliance with state building code, Conlee went to get this recorded on the County plat map and apparently it was denied. This is the reason that he determined the remedy was to eliminate Boatner. It took 5 years of severe suffering, emotional and physical before she had no choice but to flee. The only other option she had was to shoot this man dead or flee. This was her home, business and property. It was apparent that Boatner or Conlee was going to die if she stayed, Due to the intentional negligence and conspiracy against her rights by local government officials She is still being denied justice. These government officials have been allowed to commit serious criminal offenses. why? Boatner will not go away, No way no how. Her assets were in her property, Her property has been forcibly taken. Her credit rating before Conlee came to the worthless lot next door was 760. Two trips to the ER in the first few days of this attack wiped her credit out. Then as a council member Conlee uses his position in an attempt to cause her more financial harm. By involving the City clerk, who has no problem forging documents of file or fabricating city ordinances. There is a slough of things the clerk performed that were criminal and ethical violations. Anyone who looks at this evidence sees that.

There is no excuse for the treatment of a human being as brutal as this attack waged against me. Boatner has EPA results and much more evidence that she has the right to submit. To date no authority has given her the opportunity.

Does anyone recognize a conspiracy against rights? Deprivation of Rights under color of Law? These are violations of Federal law.

Anyone who does not visually recognize that these oversized structures set sideways on the Conlee property has changed the frontage of his property to be the city alley is not qualified to oversee the first step taken when redeveloping begins, site layout and stormwater drainage.

Anyone who does not visually see the significant increased stormwater being diverted onto Boatner’s property is not qualified to oversee new property redevelopment.

Anyone who does not recognize the violations against Boatner’s State and Federal Rights please explain how Boatner’s rights have not been violated.

Boatner wants to know the process needed to redress grievances. Her attempt to get any answers from anyone has been in non productive. She is really been put through hell by the chronic skin condition and the loss of her eyesight.

Had she invoked her second amendment rights where would she be now? Would she have been found not guilty of murder and at home enjoy life as it was prior to Conlee purchasing the adjoining lot from Mayor Dinwiddie? Would she be in prison for murder. We will never know. We know that she is still burdened by the events that took place in violation of Federal law from Spring of 2005- Fall of 1010.  Her ability to enjoy life is blocked by the crimes committed against her by an entire local government subdivision. This cannot be dismissed as the basic fundamental rights are what we as Americans base our freedoms on.

Existing Conflicts of Interests Among City of Montrose and Lee County Iowa Officials

In Regard to the property redevelopment Property 105 N 5TH St Montrose, Ia

Mayor Ron Dinwiddie   Seller Mark Conlee  Buyer

Members on Montrose Volunteer Fire Department (suspected arson on existing home)

Mayor Ron Dinwiddie

Mark Conlee

Council Member/Building Admin Mark Holland(Fire Chief)

Council Member Jeff Junkins


Council Member Jeff Junkins

Council Member Mark Conlee

Linda Conlee

Family Members

Lee County Detective Robert (Bob) Conlee        Brothers Mark Conlee

Council Member Mark Holland        Siblings Council Member Judy Brisby

Lee County FEMA Officer Steve Cirinna        Spouses      City of Montrose Clerk Celeste Cirinna

City of Montrose and Lee County, Iowa Law Enforcement

Special relationship as noted in local media

Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber

Lee County Detective Robert Conlee – special relationship- Lee County Attorney Michael Short

Lee County Deputy David Hunold – special relationship – Montrose Chief of Police Karl Judd Montrose Chief of Police Brent Shipman Lee County FEMA Officer Steve Cirinna

Links to individuals who conspired against Boatner’s rights, conspired to deprive her rights under color of law and committed criminal offenses on Conlee’s behalf for no good reason, except to prove they would not be prosecuted no matter what they did in committing a criminal offense

Open these links for evidence of criminal offenses committed by the individuals involved

About Mark Conlee

About Mayor Ron Dinwiddie

About Council member/building official/fire chief Mark Holland

About Police Chief Brent Shipman

About Steve Swan Esq

About Lee County Attorney Mike Short.

About City Clerk Celeste Cirinna

About Lee County Detective Bob Conlee

Effects of chemicals having direct contact with my skin unlawfully applied to my property

Unofficial City of Montrose council meeting minutes this evidence was hidden from the public website in April 2017 when Sheriff Stacy Weber got wind that there was an investigation pending.

Conlee vs Boatner Eqeq004300 This court record is full of evidence of perjury committed by Mark Conlee and his attorney Greg Johnson. Conspiracy against rights committed by Mark Conlee, Greg Johnson and Steven Swan ESQ. Still the court ruled in my favor even with the evidence suppressed from the court.

About Sheriff Weber

Sheriff Stacy Weber conspired with city clerk to hide evidence in April 2017 Sheriff Weber has an existing conflict of interest with the Conlee’s that will not allow the written law to apply in any situation involving this situation. Sheriff Weber spoke to SA Jeff Huber. Any information given to SA Huber could not have been based on fact, Weber was not privy to any of the facts of this case. Without a reasonable comparison of that information with the facts in the case there can be no reasonable conclusion of this case.

Weber picks Conlee as No. 2


Dec 23, 2016

MONTROSE – Lee County Sheriff-elect Stacy Weber has appointed a new chief deputy to serve as his second in command. He promoted Will Conlee, a patrol deputy, to help him lead the department. When Weber was campaigning for office, he said if elected there would be changes. Weber said it wasn’t just Conlee’s experience that made him inviting for the job, but it didn’t hurt. “He started with the city of Fort Madison in 1998,” Weber said. “He moved to the sheriff’s office in 2000.”Weber summed up the main reason he wants Conlee in one word.“Leadership,” Weber said. “This was a decision that was easy for me because with the people who are working here, I observed on a daily basis who has leadership skills.” Weber called Conlee a good man and said it is a plus that he was from the area and that his father was in law enforcement. “His father is one of the reasons I am in law enforcement today,” Weber said. “Will comes from good stock. He does the right thing when nobody’s looking.” Weber said the chief deputy will act as the sheriff when the sheriff is not present. He said in the past there were two parts to being the sheriff. One part is the man who comes in and runs the office, and the other is the man who goes out and meets the community. When Weber is out of the office he knows someone will be in charge. Conlee comes from Montrose. He received his law enforcement training at Cedar Rapids Police Academy.

The Pathocracy of the Deep State: Tyranny at the Hands of a Psychopathic Government — John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

“Politicians are more likely than people in the general population to be sociopaths. I think you would find no expert in the field of sociopathy/psychopathy/antisocial personality disorder who would dispute this… That a small minority of human beings literally have no conscience was and is a bitter pill for our society to swallow — but […]

via The Pathocracy of the Deep State: Tyranny at the Hands of a Psychopathic Government — John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

I am hoping that someone with authority gets word of my situation.

I am not or have never been an aggressive person. Well maybe a little 25 years ago when I had a nip or two. But I am the type if I don’t agree with someone I keep it to myself. I am not confrontational. I will take the short end of the stick every time to keep the peace. This case is more than I can handle. I promised myself I will not be the only victim of this brutal attack. I will invoke my 2nd amendment right. I don’t know when. I just know that I cannot allow for my dad to have served on a Destroyer in the South Pacific taking on bombs and kamikaze pilots thinking he was fighting for the freedoms of his countrymen.

Ironically he spent his career working as the Street Commissioner of a larger neighboring town. His father’s career was also working for the neighboring city. I know the duties and responsibilities a city MUST provide its residents. One of them being nobody has the right to do anything to another persons property. Trespass enforce would have solved this problem from the get go. This was a conspiracy against my rights. Deprivation of Rights under color of law and torture from chemical warfare.