Harassment with intent to cause financial harm.


Boatner understood the court ruling, citing Boatner’s right to enjoy her property meant she has been returned complete control of her own property.

According to. Lee County Deputy David Hunold, who came to her home investigating a second of the same fabricated law complaint against her by Lee County Attorney Mike Short on behalf of  Mark Conlee.

The first complaint stated that Boatner had driven by Conlee’s home and given him the middle finger. According to Officer Hunold the Judge did not specify Mark Conlee was not allowed to continue to apply chemicals to her property. He could continue and he did continue to apply chemicals to her property. She had just been to court over this same allegation that she had given him the finger and it was dismissed. She never even got to see the judge. Mark Conlee in contempt of court did not show up for court.  He was on vacation in Florida. The newest Police Chief Karl Judd advised Boatner that he knew Conlee was on vacation and would be a no show prior to the court date.

6-26-2007 State vs Boatner, second Complaint on Conlees behalf .jpg

Harassment, (simple misdemeanor) defendant with intent annoy another person by flipping the middle finger, continuously

These frivolous charges were made against Boatner by Lee County attorney Mike Short on Mark Conlee’s behalf,  State of Iowa vs. Boatner, Melody. This 2nd complaint is the exact duplicate of a previous charge but this ticket was altered from the original simply by adding the words “he is tired of this happening all the time” therefore bumping it up to a harassment charge. Someone should have advised the County Attorney that there is no law against giving anyone the finger. In Boatner’s opinion the judge would have commented that Conlee deserved for her to give him the finger. Boatner was still was being denied a trespassing complaint against Conlee even though there is no doubt he has been continuously applying glyphosate to Boatner’s property since 2005 and it has caused Boatner serious health issues. As Officer Hunold was leaving her home she asked him to wait, she advised that she wants to file a complaint for trespassing against Mark Conlee, having just shown him the court order citing her right to use her property as she sees fit. Officer Hunold advised her that he was only there to investigate a complaint from Conlee that she had given him the finger. He advised her that Lee County Attorney Mike Short had sent him in case there was a conflict of interest was questionable. There definitely was a conflict of interest in this case. This case reeks of conflicts of interests. These people are using their relationship as the support for the criminal acts committed against Boatner.  An existing conflict of interest is obvious between all those supporting Mark Conlee’s goal of acquiring Boatner’s property. He is causing her physical harm using the chemicals unlawfully on her property. What is wrong with these people? Who does this? A psychiatric evaluation need to be done on these people. Boatner does not know if psychopathic Mark Conlee had convinced these people of something he has made up or if they are all psychopaths. There is no doubt that the chemicals are harming her and nobody questions any of Conlee’s demands. One thing is for sure as long as Mike Short is Lee County Attorney they do not have to be concerned of ever being held accountable for the conspiracy against Boatner’s rights and the deprivation of Boatner’s rights under color of law.

May 23 2008   Mark Conlee assisted by Police Chief Shipman violates the civil court order. Somehow Chief Shipman feels he has the authority to overrule a court order and authorize Conlee  to alter the railroad ties Boatner had placed on her property along the common boundary to divert the excessive amount of stormwater runoff.  Boatner’s  property now receives 90% of Conlee’s stormwater runoff after the illegal property redevelopment. He pulled the plastic edging out that Boatner had installed, he pushed the ties out of alignment. You can see a broken staub in the foreground of this photo. The staub’s were broken off at ground level all the way down the row of ties. Boatner was putting myself in danger by being out in her yard to place these ties and edging as there was chemicals that had been applied to the entire common boundary. Boatner had no chance to secure her private property rights. Her only option other than to flee would be to shoot this man dead.



This photo is easier to indicate the broken stab’s and edging that was pull from the ground and laying on top of the soil. This action was don’t in contempt of the civil court order citing Boatner’s  right to enjoy my own property. He never did this to the upper half of the property. He did this in the middle of the night. Earlier that day Conlee along the Police Chief approached Boatner and informed her that he was going to move her railroad ties. Boatner went in her house and returned with a single shot pellet gun. Boatner stood guard and defended her property till after dark. Boatner is human, although she is being treated less than. She was still trying to operate her upholstery shop and she did go in the house to try and get some rest. The next morning this is what took place on her property. Several weeks later Conlee calls a false report into the police stating he heard shots fired from Boatner’s property. The purpose for the false police report was to know if Boatner had weapons. It is a violation of the law to make false police reports. There is no law that applies to Mark Conlee. You can see the amount of fill dirt that was brought into Conlee’s property by the retaining timbers on the left of the photo. He committed perjury in the civil case denying the amount of fill dirt he had trucked in.  As you can see Boatner’s  property has mature trees and his property has nothing that would prevent him from installing a drain pipe to divert his stormwater to the city drainage ditch as required by State drainage law. All these people commiting crimes are City of Montrose and Lee County, Iowa government officials. What in the hell is going on in Lee County, Iowa.


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