Medical Records

​It was suggested that my medical records are relevant . Here  are some of them. Sorry I was delayed in sending this link. Is this link available for you to view correctly, can the person you are sharing it with view the content? I do not know much about filing and sharing and such. If I happen to run across a similar case should I send you the link. Maybe a precedent or something. I have been thinking about what I am going to do if this information is dismissed. If those receiving it uphold their oath this case is in violation of Federal law. I mean come on, nobody has the right to do this to another human being, this is universal law. I  intending on speaking the the US attorney or his assistant at some point. I am not going to just accept a letter of denial as I received in the past. Just saying need some explanations of the findings. I have spoken with several high ranking authorities and they have all had the opinion off the record, that Federal law has been violated in this case. It is sad that a person has to suffer to this degree and then must fight tooth and nail for anyone to listen to their story. For crying out loud as many hired and elected officials we have from the top to the lowly bottom as those who attacked me. And none have the authority to stop the poison? All agreed that the acts were illegal. Something needs to change because the stress of being a victim is real. Legal abuse syndrome is real. I am here to tell anyone who will listen how real it is. When you are forced to watch others violate you, having no means of protection is, inhumane. No different that the native american indian massacres. This is a much smaller scale. Closer to what is described as bullying to the children in school. But brutal enough to kill. These individuals were not children. These individuals are elected and hired government officials many still having their title today. Damn I wish I had someone to talk to about the things on my mind as you are unavailable. Not sure at this point if that is you duty or your preference. Its not helping me get any comfort or relief, I need answers to my questions. Similar to what is offered by Crime victims assistance programs. Do you understand that I have single handedly fought a physical battle against a  gang of street thugs? Literally there was no difference. I am still carrying all the events that happened internally, I do not think that is in my best interest. It does not feel healthy. How many people do you know that could still be standing after a full on attack lasting well over 5 years. You know none, because there are no others who have been intentionally poisoned by their neighbor without law enforcement stepping in to stop it. In this case they all assisted with the physical poisoning of human being. I continue to wait for a sign that justice will prevail. I feel that Captain America type figure should have been on the scene years ago. Where is the outrage by the brutal nature of this unprovoked violence that was in this attack. Silence is not the remedy, that much I can attest to. Silence suggests acceptance, that offends me.

medical – 

​ I continue to take methotrexate weekly. I have been able to reduce the dosage over the past year or so and keep the skin condition under control. I continue to have blood work done every 6 months to monitor the levels of the medication hopefully will not damage internal organs as it is known to do.​  Prior to the invasion and occupation of my real property I had no significant medical or financial issues. I practiced preventive medicine.

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