I have to say with the amount of solid evidence that I have posted to this page I find it a little creepy that I have had minimal comments in regard to my story. I do not know if it is because, this happens all the time as some have suggested, if people think this is a fictional story, or if people just do not care about fellow citizens rights being violated. The as long as they do not hurt me or my family reasoning. Let me tell you this could happen to anyone and I would be the first to speak up on anyone whose Federal or State Constitutional rights have been violated. Just saying, I do not know of any case in which a neighbor need a property due to his violation of the building laws and determines the remedy is to eliminate the neighbor.

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According to my Dr. I am a pioneer in the physical effects glyphosate has in direct contact with human skin. According to my hero at University hospital in Ia City. I believe if it were not for this Dr the ongoing exposure to the chemicals unlawfully applied to my property would have soon caused my death. I was suffering to such a severe degree that I did not want to suffer another day. I consider it worse than cancer. I was completely unable to function. It was unbearable to wear clothes. With cancer the patient generally is given a timeline to expect to live. In this an unprecedented case, no local Dr. had a clue as to how to treat my condition. There is no other case I can find in which a neighbor has bren allowed and assisted by local law enforcement to continue applying chemicals to the property owned by a neighbor at all. Moral law would keep a reasonable individual from doing anything to property that did not belong to them. In this case this neighbor was allowed and assisted by local government officials to trespass on my property. Commit an assault with intent to cause serious injury. This is a violation of Federal law. Significant because my city police chief advised me that he would not file a trespass on my behalf because he did not want to make my assailant mad and the County Attorney advised me that he would decide who gets prosecuted in his County. Trespassing is a criminal offense I could not file a complaint as a civil issue. This is the way local government officials violated my State and Federal rights for the following five years. When it was obvious that no law enforcement was going to make this neighbor comply with any law regarding his new illegal property redevelopment. When his illegal redevelopment was rejected from being recorded on the County plat map, he with full support of the local government officials determined the remedy to his situation was to acquire my property which would then give him enough property to support the oversized non compliant structures he had built with fraudulent building permits issued by the city building administrator. The damages I have suffered are tremendous. I continue to have skin eruptions due to the extended exposure of chemicals unlawfully applied to my property. A civil court order citing my right to use my property as I wished was never a factor to detour this neighbors goal. He was determined to acquire my property no matter the cost. He offered me two out of court settlements that were ridiculous, this in itself is an admission of his guilt. I had never needed an attorney prior to this. I had a huge reality check, I beleive the evidence supports the attorney who represented me took this case on behalf of this neighbor. There is no attorney that could be this incompetent and pass the bar exam. I do not care who you are, nobody has the right to do anything to the property of another person. There is not statute of limitation, the law says "never" to be taken without just compensation. These are serious criminal offenses that fall within the guidelines of a Federal prosecutor to bring charges for public corruption.

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  1. In the state of Georgia the ethics are poor this is ok for Georgia power and the state of Georgia so the taxpayers can pay .
    My opinion from experience

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  2. There is no help. The funding is all going to the global agenda for “sustainable development” which has never passed through our legislative process. Nor has our Congress or Senators stepped up to the plate and participated in protecting the people from the global agenda and ensuing tyranny and abuse of private property. There is no money coming to the benefit of the people and the existing infrastructure. Agencies are being run as shells with skeleton crews. In the cases of abuse of power, there is nowhere to turn. Public officials and the judicial process are operating without rule of law and protected by massive judicial immunities and zero oversight. If you are referring to other citizens, there is a tendency to think it’s not happening to them (yet) and not be concerned.


    1. I agree, the facts are clear. And that my friend is what makes is so creepy. I remember when it was common knowledge what to do to keep from having tyranny. Nobody would ever consider that to be an option in today’s world. Do they even teach about the completely violated bill of rights in school nowadays? I have not heard a child mention a word about being taught anything original to this Nation. If I were President I would pursue a law that every household in this Nation must have a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights hanging on the wall front and center. Yep, lol that’s the platform I would run my campaign on.


      1. It was an issue with the schools and is becoming more of an issue now that there is a movement on constitutional rights.


      2. I agree when you say it is creepy. I will say though, that WordPress does not get a lot of traffic yet. It just happened to be a site that you could post a good volume of information, which you cannot do on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. You might want to do what I do and post links to your WordPress cite that tells your story on those sites that get more traffic. Often I will add my link to my comment. I am not sure it would ever right the wrongs but there is a slim chance that it could. Also I firmly believe the answer is to expose and embarrass by disseminating the information as much as possible. I have been followed or contacted by journalists, politicians, Patriots, trade people, etc. There are those out there that care and want to help but it may not be clear yet what can be done about it. Also in case there is ever a class action or similar-type suit that we might become aware of.

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      3. The only reason I didn’t put links on facebook was out of respect for very close friends of mine. They were immediate family members to the Mayor. The Mayor came from the same social circle as I. At one time I considered him family. His mother, brother and sister I considered family as they did me. Recently his brother passed. For whatever reason his sister, my best friend growing up unfriended me. Terribly painful losing them both. I am grieving for both of them. I have no reason to not post this on facebook any longer. I still do not expect any support from my community as I have already been gaslighted by this group as well as an immediate family member of my own. Narcissistic personality disorder I have dealt with for many years. I have kept the abuse to myself if for no other reason than it is embarrassing what a narc is capable of doing to a person. I did not want the world to know this person is not the person he portrays himself to be. I have disassociated with this family member in the past. Sometime ago he actually came to my home and told me how funny he thought it was that he convinced everyone from my hometown that I was crazy. At that time I told him to leave and never come back. I was aware that he was doing this behind my back. But coming to my home and telling me how much pleasure he got from doing his part to assist in losing all my assets was over the top. I will never allow him any of my air space again. I can’t because he has proven himself to be a constant threat. Didn’t phase him a bit. Out the door he went with a smirk on his face. He seemed so proud of what he had accomplished.


      4. I was also recently reading that wordpress tends to make your page more prominent if you use a minimal number of categories and tags. I am not skilled at writing or computers in general. I was forced to learn the best that I could to get my story out. I do not know if what I see is the same that anyone on the other end sees but I got to try. I will never give up.


      5. gee thanks, I have no idea what my page looks like from the other end. Depending on the degree of anger I have at the time of my posts, determine how many tags I add. If I am mad then tag, tag, tag. I am glad I read a little more about wordpress. I still need to go in and remove many categories and tags. Wouldn’t hurt for me to read more wordpress direction either. lol You page looks fine to me also.


      6. It is my experience that I get very few comments on my posts. I have contacted more people that I can count independently such as attorneys, I rarely get any response. When I do it is a form letter stating they simply do not have time to dedicate to such a complex and unprecedented case. I have been contacting my local State Rep. since he took his position two or three terms ago. He has never acknowledged me. That pisses me off, I can only assume he as well as the rest of them have no defense to justify such serious criminal offenses committed by corrupt local city and county officials.
        Then there is the “they can’t do that! But I have no authority to intervene!” That one is a real knee slapper. It seems the only way to eliminate my nuisance neighbor was to kill him. Since nobody has the authority to stop a trespasser. His brother a Lee County Detective had no reservations about coming into town, acting as an authority of a building official. He had no jurisdiction but somehow he had the authority to advise his brother of the cities building requirements. The County attorney and this brother have worked hand in hand for 18 years. Conflict of interest, I would think so.
        So I am wondering it your contact in Calif. is a single female? I wonder if that is a dominate factor in cases like this? I assume you are, right? I have always felt if I had been a man this neighbor would have had a different attitude about violating me.


      7. I remember saying early on, that there is no help. Yes the contact in California is a senior female. I think it is a dominant factor because men tend to be more concerned about retaliation from other men.


      8. I am certain that had I been a man this punk neighbor would not have done anything without permission. He is a real puss, he had the law in his back pocket the entire time. He was intent on keeping them their as indicated by his statements at council meetings that I have copies of.


      9. I have heard stories hear about the men around here going in and laying down the law to the tyrants supervisor. So there is an element of that. But also that women, seniors, immigrants or anyone that is low income is an easy target. When you think about it the men will fight back, the wealthy will fight back and the connected will fight back. The rest are their target victims. In this county, the men are given verbal warnings over and over, while the low income or highly vulnerable group is given no warnings, no due process and is charged with heavy handed civil and criminal charges.

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  3. your right wordpress does not get much traffic they do link to other sites though. that is a good thing. I have been on linked in and they have the persons name and the job or org. they represent. I have been pm people who claim to have positions associated with justice or civil rights or Constitutional rights. I have asked them just exactly do they do in regard to their job status, nobody has responded. So I assume the do nothing as described by their job title. lol


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