I have to say with the amount of solid evidence that I have posted to this page I find it a little creepy that I have had minimal comments in regard to my story. I do not know if it is because, this happens all the time as some have suggested, if people think this is a fictional story, or if people just do not care about fellow citizens rights being violated. The as long as they do not hurt me or my family reasoning. Let me tell you this could happen to anyone and I would be the first to speak up on anyone whose Federal or State Constitutional rights have been violated. Just saying, I do not know of any case in which a neighbor need a property due to his violation of the building laws and determines the remedy is to eliminate the neighbor.

7 thoughts on “Creepy

  1. your right wordpress does not get much traffic they do link to other sites though. that is a good thing. I have been on linked in and they have the persons name and the job or org. they represent. I have been pm people who claim to have positions associated with justice or civil rights or Constitutional rights. I have asked them just exactly do they do in regard to their job status, nobody has responded. So I assume the do nothing as described by their job title. lol


  2. There is no help. The funding is all going to the global agenda for “sustainable development” which has never passed through our legislative process. Nor has our Congress or Senators stepped up to the plate and participated in protecting the people from the global agenda and ensuing tyranny and abuse of private property. There is no money coming to the benefit of the people and the existing infrastructure. Agencies are being run as shells with skeleton crews. In the cases of abuse of power, there is nowhere to turn. Public officials and the judicial process are operating without rule of law and protected by massive judicial immunities and zero oversight. If you are referring to other citizens, there is a tendency to think it’s not happening to them (yet) and not be concerned.


    1. I agree, the facts are clear. And that my friend is what makes is so creepy. I remember when it was common knowledge what to do to keep from having tyranny. Nobody would ever consider that to be an option in today’s world. Do they even teach about the completely violated bill of rights in school nowadays? I have not heard a child mention a word about being taught anything original to this Nation. If I were President I would pursue a law that every household in this Nation must have a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights hanging on the wall front and center. Yep, lol that’s the platform I would run my campaign on.


      1. I agree when you say it is creepy. I will say though, that WordPress does not get a lot of traffic yet. It just happened to be a site that you could post a good volume of information, which you cannot do on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. You might want to do what I do and post links to your WordPress cite that tells your story on those sites that get more traffic. Often I will add my link to my comment. I am not sure it would ever right the wrongs but there is a slim chance that it could. Also I firmly believe the answer is to expose and embarrass by disseminating the information as much as possible. I have been followed or contacted by journalists, politicians, Patriots, trade people, etc. There are those out there that care and want to help but it may not be clear yet what can be done about it. Also in case there is ever a class action or similar-type suit that we might become aware of.


      2. I know there are movements in play which will probably come to fruition. They will probably be like a tidal wave when they finally hit.


  3. In the state of Georgia the ethics are poor this is ok for Georgia power and the state of Georgia so the taxpayers can pay .
    My opinion from experience

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