It’s a “Criming Shame”: Moving from Land Use Ethics to Criminalization of Behavior Leading to Permits and Other Zoning Related Acts

I am not going away until justice is served, the attack against me for my property was outrageous, the behaviors of these local government officials was atrocious. They would not give it up. They got my property for the “golden boy” in ways that are unprecedented. They continue to commit crimes even now, trying to cover up the evidence that will always exist. You can remove a web page that contains evidence  implicating themselves but you cannot (normally) remove public record. I have the record of every meeting that is relevant to my situation. So you can lie, cheat and steal but the truth will come out and I will be entertained in watching you all try and get out of being held accountable. Are you going to blame each other. I know who the weakest link is, do you? Go ahead and defame my character some more, tell the general public that I am crazy. The the general public that “golden boy” has done nothing wrong. The latter of them is true. Until he becomes am member of the city government then he went whole hog. Costing the taxpayer enough money you could have probably reconstructed your little area of the Great River Road as you were supposed to 20 years ago. One thing that the people will not overlook is the financial position you have had the city in for what about 10 terms by the current Mayor. Term limits do need to be limited, I knew this Mayor before he paid to play. I believe he had outside interest the needed satisfied. When you are told anything without evidence and take it to be the truth, you will get taken advantage of. That is what I believe happened in the case with the current Mayor.

via Criminalization of Behavior Leading to Permits and Other Zoning Related Acts

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  1. hired an attorney to sue the city for the nuisance drainage issue the redevelopment caused to my property, prior to the use of chemicals. There is a nuisance



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