Can anyone tell me what difference there is between civil rights and Constitutional Rights attorneys?

Can anyone tell me what difference there is between civil rights and Constitutional Rights attorneys?.  Or better yet refer this case to an attorney who is competent and stands up for those who have been ignored by mainstream media. My Constitutional Rights were intentionally violated by local government officials. I realize my story is pretty unbelievable. A review of the evidence proves  convince anyone my allegation are legitimate. My case has multiple tentacles. I do not know what specialized area to look for in an attorney. My case supports the taking of my property without just compensation, by unlawful intentional chemical exposure. This could not have happened had law enforcement recognized my right to equal of the law. By issuing a trespassing complaint on my behalf would have afforded my right to equal protection of the law. They refused to enforce the law in any way on my behalf. Law enforcement actually assisted him in the criminal trespassing by not protecting my rights. That I recognize as a conspiracy, when two or more people act against another person. Do you agree? I am not qualified to present a written complaint to file with the court. I do not know what court my case should be file with. I any of you are will to review the evidence I have that supports my allegations, please let me know. I as a reasonable American am aware of what and who violated the laws put in place to protect my rights. An example as to what I am not clear about would be, when the Lee County Detective and brother of this neighbor, came to his brothers property, misrepresenting his authority to be that of a city building official. I know he had no jurisdiction to act as any authority in the city, as he was a county law enforcement officer. He had an existing conflict of interest due to the fact that he was acting on behalf of his brother. The mayor sold the legally non conforming property to the neighbor so a conflict of interest exists there. When the building official refused to address my concerns about the nuisance drainage the new illegal property redevelopment it was the mayor who did come to the location as if he had the authority of a city building official. The advice he gave me he later contradicted on public record two different times. It is my understanding that the mayor has no authority to act as building official. The mayor had a financial personal gain as the seller of the property. He also stated this was a private issue on public record, if he believed that was true, it was unethical for him to make the statement that the neighbor had done nothing wrong to a member of the public soon after a letter I wrote to the editor was published.

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Standing up for what is right even if I stand alone. Narcissist: They will often attack and belittle the person who is being critical, instead of dealing with the points the person is making. They do this usually because they have no defense against the criticism, they have been found out. So it's easier to destroy the reputation of the critical person instead.

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