Introduction to Public Corruption

According to the official website the FBI investigates cases alleging Public Corruption include

Federal guidelines for public corruption case

H.R.510 – Defense of Property Rights Act 114th Congress (2015-2016)

Defense of property rights act seems to fill the bill in my case I need to know how to go forward pro se. Please someone step up to the plate for me on this.

Charlotte County Big Government Attacking the Helpless

The violations of our rights will not be tolerated. Stand for what is right even if you stand alone. Unbelievable tyranny


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County takes Two Homes from Vet on Same Piece of Property

How can anyone justify the actions of these public servants. I am a human being. We cannot allow the government to violate our given rights, Given by God and the Constitution of the United States. My property was taken by my government using chemical weapons against me. I have ptsd also. I am not going to allow my rights to be taken, I do not know how it will happen but I will be compensated, I promise that.


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Typical hard evidence the County Attorney used to file criminal charges against me.

Fabricated laws being brought against Boatner on Conlee's behalf by the county attorney

Updated summary of case involving private property rights.

5 years of being assaulted by neighbor and conspiring local government official desperate to acquire my home, business and property.